What is Springfield InfiNet?

Springfield InfiNet is a suite of residential and business telecom infrastructure tools using publicly owned infrastructure in Springfield, Oregon to extend broadband internet services to our community. The goal is to increase community access to high-speed internet by enhancing the competitive landscape. This effort is supported by the Springfield Utility Board, the City of Springfield, Oregon and others.

What kinds of programs fall under the Springfield InfiNet umbrella?

For residential customers, the newest program is a Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) initiative called Net Neighborhoods that allows qualified internet service providers (ISP) to use SUB’s fiber network to serve Springfield neighborhoods.

For businesses, SUB leases its unused fiber to property owners near SUB’s fiber optic ring. SUB’s Board of Directors is researching attractive financing packages for SUB-owned or property-owner owned FTTP, with the goal of supporting those entrepreneurs who invest in the future vitality of our community.

Can I get fiber to my home now?

The first ISP installing fiber under the Springfield InfiNet Net Neighborhood program has identified the Ambleside area in northeast Springfield as the first community to receive fiber connectivity. Fiber is now available at 160 homes.

When will other neighborhoods be connected?

Any ISP licensed to do business in Springfield can submit an application to serve a particular neighborhood, as long as it is within the City limits and receives electric and water service from SUB. Once filed, other ISPs have a 30-day window to submit applications for consideration. Applicants are selected based on cost, timing and other factors, and once selected, are granted 10-year exclusive rights to provide service.

Last-mile construction is expensive for ISPs. Will SUB help finance it?

One of the unique provisions of the Net Neighborhood program is its financing structure. Although the ISP finances the construction of the last-mile infrastructure and pays SUB for its use after construction, SUB purchases the infrastructure once built. This allows SUB to retain public ownership of the infrastructure while opening market opportunities to smaller ISPs for whom construction costs are often a barrier.

I own an ISP. How can I get involved?

Contact SUB and we’ll get you started.

Where is SUB’s fiber ring so I can evaluate market potential?

Call SUB at 541-744-3772 to view a map of SUB’s fiber optic ring, which shows where our services are in relation to major streets.

Why does SUB want to own the fiber connection?

By owning the infrastructure, SUB maintains long-term control of the fiber infrastructure and can ensure it is used in the public’s interest. This includes promoting opportunities for companies to compete for its use, with the goal of providing lower prices and improved service. 

Why is SUB taking these steps?

The voters of Springfield created SUB with the authorization to provide electric, water, gas and telecommunication services. Next-generation broadband is an engine for economic growth and community development. Leveraging public assets like SUB’s unlit fiber optic network to enhance private competition is a way to wisely use resources for the benefit of the community. SUB’s Board is also interested in bridging the “Digital Divide” by providing infrastructure options to make telecommunication services more affordable and accessible.

How is this process unique?

SUB’s fiber to the premises is a scalable infrastructure solution open to Internet Service Providers. If successful, we anticipate this model will open up broadband access to many more neighborhoods.